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And with the Session holder.

Tightening the battery strap also pulls down on the stirrups, cinching everything together.


I’m a firm believer in confirmation bias and the placebo effect, especially for something as subtle as flight, so I rarely trust my ‘feelings’. I also think that multirotor flight is so complex that anyone who claims to fully understand it is probably talking out of his butt. The things I can be sure of is that greater motor to motor distance yields greater stability, and a long frame in forward flight is more of a square than a true X frame.

I did find the Orca to be more stable and smooth, but I was also using my first set of Aikon’s with BlHeli S, so maybe it was the esc’s. Daniel Tengvall loved the way it turns, and started using it as his #1 race machine. Zach Thayer, on the other hand, wasn’t a fan of its cornering. RF’s stable of pilots think it’s the best frame they’ve flown.

There’s something else. The RF guys say they need less tilt on long frames – Brian (Braindrain) runs faster laps at 50 degrees on his long frame than at 60 degrees on an X. And since it’s easier to control altitude with less tilt, and yaw and roll are less reversed, that makes it easier for him to fly a long frame around a course. They also say motors don’t have to work as hard and run cooler on a long frame. The only explanation I can think of is that, because of the greater separation, rear motors work more efficiently in cleaner air, yielding more thrust at the same angle.

But like I said, I don’t fully understand multirotor flight, and you probably shouldn’t trust someone who claims they do. It’s a sweet flying frame whether or not I know why. Here’s Tengu on his:

Buy it here. STL’s for the cam mounts, Owl adapter, and armguards are here.


Krieger was the first frame I designed a sticker for, and ever since then I’ve felt pressure to one up myself with each new release. We agreed on the name ‘Orca’, but I didn’t have a great concept for the artwork. Silhouettes would be too ‘Sea World’. A totem style illustration would be cool but not real funny. I asked Preston if he would be ok with an Orca in a trenchcoat and he was, so I asked Kittiloo Pam (creator of the Mako sticker) for some rough sketches.

Her first sketch was pretty on the money.

The style reminded me of the New Yorker, which was an easy leap to New Orca. I asked Pam to have the Orca open his coat and display his wares, and that was pretty much that. I downloaded a free version of the New Yorker font and fixed the letter spacing caveman-style (I typed the letters in individually and moved them around ’cause I don’t know how to do it the right way).

He's classy. Look at that coat lining.


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